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                         Healthcare for respiratory disease

                                    by digital technology

Airli app is developing digital healthcare solutions to assist doctors and empower patients to diagnose and manage respiratory disease by voice recognition technology. We are creating easy to use, affordable, clinically validated and regulatory cleared diagnostic tools that only require a smartphone. Our solutions are designed to be easily integrated into existing telehealth solutions and we are also working on airli apps to provide respiratory disease diagnosis and management directly to consumers and healthcare providers.

​The research and early stage design thinking is endorsed in principle and supported by CSIRO and some renowned academic and research professionals worldwide. The product presents strong encouragement to further develop the product and roll out in support of the healthcare sector via a strategic roadmap.  The further analytics development face will lead to predicting causes and situations that lead to asthma and its management as many as 300 million people suffer from asthma in the world and will reach 400 million

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     About Asthma 

Respiratory Disease

A diagnosis of respiratory disease is one of the most common outcomes from visiting a doctor. Respiratory diseases can be caused by inflammation, bacterial infection or viral infection of the respiratory tract. Diseases caused by inflammation include chronic conditions such as asthma, cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Acute conditions, caused by either bacterial or viral infection, can affect either the upper or lower respiratory tract. Upper respiratory tract infections include common colds while lower respiratory tract infections include diseases such as pneumonia. Other infections include influenza, acute bronchitis and bronchiolitis.

Our Story

Airli app was founded in September 2017 to commercialize technology developed by Airli team and University of New South Wales that uses sound to diagnose respiratory disease. Jacob’s team has been engaged in the research and development of this technology since 2015 with the help of CISRO and NSW Govt. Airli app’s technology, based on the premise that voice recognizing, cough and breathing sounds carry vital information on the state of the respiratory tract. Airli app was created to diagnose and measure the severity of a asthma, bronchiolitis, chronic and acute diseases such as pneumonia and chronic obstructive using this insight.

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