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                                                                Airli   Breathe Easy by making the Invisible Visible

Airli is designed to offer patient centric alerts reducing incidents of asthma and sudden burst of the need for acute are and emergency hospital admissions. It will have an analytics platform to analyze data from multiple data sources running AI and machine learning algorithms and is built on technology to provide complete data security and privacy

The airli product development is based on leveraging Research Engineering core competencies in creating this unique solution. The research and early stage design thinking is endorsed in principle and supported by CSIRO and some renowned academic and research professionals worldwide. The product presents strong encouragement to further develop the product and roll out in support of the healthcare sector via a strategic roadmap.  The further analytics development face will lead to predicting causes and situations that lead to asthma and its management

As many as 300 million people suffer from asthma in the World and will reach 400 million soon. In Australia, the overall financial cost of asthma is estimated to be $30 billion and also the cost to patients due to the reduced quality of life is around $ 21.5 billion. According to World Bank estimates, it costs the World’s economies $5 trillion per year

Airli is an Australian innovation established to assist consumers “Breathe Easy by making the Invisible Visible” by providing real time contextualized and relevant location based air quality health data

We have embraced AI & Machine Learning predictive algorithms to triangulate geospatial, weather and location based consumer information. It is an “API first” digital platform business embracing B2C, B2B and B2B2C business models. Phase one of the initial roll out will focus on predictive pollen count analytics for asthma sufferers

The founders bring together deep and diverse domain experience anchored in geospatial research and technology to solve consumer related health problems through supporting behavioral change and digital analytics

Airli received a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) grant from the NSW Government to help develop its technology. Govt and CSIRO grants are in the pipeline for further funding of the entire project. Airli is working with a large not-for-profit Asthma Organization that intends to put the launch of the commercial product in its calendar

“Airli brings together deep and diverse domain expertise anchored in geospatial research and technology to solve consumer related health problems through supporting behavioral change and analytics. We are seeking partners to further develop and progress our AIRLI product and services”  

 Airli will incorporate an advanced analytics platform to analyze data from multiple data sources: Satellites, UAV’s, ground systems IoT and many more ubiquitous devises and social media networks. It will use AI, ML algorithms to analyze spatial and time variant data, in order to process and predict the disease triggers including proportion of pollutants, movement of air-borne particles and other related data to create targeted solutions for the health risk. The information will be used to push alerts and notifications to the patients or carer

“Airli Unique strengths differentiators and rationale”

Airli is designed with an objective to disrupt, with a paradigm shift from delayed interventional to predictive and personal, from reactive to preventive and from disease to wellness.

Airli will proactively provide some relevant highly useful and vital alerts to asthma sufferers. These alerts may also be useful to the healthcare sector stake holders including the GP’s, specialist clinicians and Hospitals. These alerts may also be of some salient value for the optimization of their supply chain, particularly in case of likely acute alerts for the events like the thunderstorm asthma

Why Airli ?

  • Compliant with the PPPM (Predictive Preventive and Personalized) approach

  • Compliant with value based and a patient centric approach

  • Backed up by well - rounded expertise in space, biology, AI / ML, advanced data analytics and a conglomeration of other technology assets

  • Airli is designed to provide 24x7x365 real-time data with pixel level accuracy

  • Being a satellite based system airli can be easily scaled upon a global scale

  • Airli use AI/ML algorithms to analyze spatial data, to process and predict disease triggers


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